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Lürzer's Grand Slam



Commercials up to 240 seconds that were aired on TV.


Films up to 320 seconds that were aired in Cinemas.


Films aired online including viral videos and standard or non-standards formats.

Use of Screens

Films aired on screens other than TV, Cinema or Online, including outdoor screens, festivals, or conferences.

Film Cinematography

Demonstrating excellence in craft and cinematography. The judges will assess style, camerawork, cinematic techniques, composition, lighting and special effects.

Film Animation

Demonstrating excellence in animation. The judges will assess style of animation, craft and technique.

Motion Graphics and Animations for Digital

Moving visuals created specifically for digital formats.

Print & Outdoor


Still images published in magazines and newspapers.

Innovative use of print

Non-traditional use of print, including print ads with digital and interactive components.

Publications designs

Designs for published media including books, magazines, covers and digital publications.


Still images designed for standard or digital billboards including transit.


Still images designed for public spaces like supermarkets, shopping malls, airports, bars pubs or others.


Outdoor ideas that actively involves or activates audience participation.


Atypical and nonstandard outdoor ideas that use public spaces in unconventional ways.


Still images that demonstrates excellence in illustration. The judges will assess style, craft and technique.


Ideas that exhibit excellence in writing. The judges will assess style, craft and technique.

Art Direction

Ideas that demonstrate brilliance in art direction. The judges will assess style, craft and technique.


Display and Native

Standard and nonstandard native ads, banners and rich media including over-the page units such as floating ads, page take-overs, and tear-backs as well as standard banner ads.

Social Media

Creative activities that use single social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Online Videos

Short and long online films including viral videos and social videos.


Interactive games created to promote a particular product or service.


Advertising that uses mobile technology including smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth, SMS, MMS, GPS, and apps.

Use of VR and AR

Ideas that use Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality.

Direct & Activation

Use of printed materials

Ideas that use printed materials to activate a response from the audience, including newspapers, magazines, inserts, trade journals, greeting cards, invitations, samples.

Use of Digital & Social

Ideas that use digital technologies and formats to activate a response from the audience, including websites, microsites, games, search engines, banner ads and instant messaging, or online videos.

Use of mobile

Ideas that activate the target through mobile and transportable devices such as mobile phones, tablets or other mobile technologies.

Use of ambient

Unconventional use of media, stunts and spaces to activate the audience.

Use of Film

Ideas that use Cinema, TV or online to activate a response from the audience.

Real time response

Ideas that that use real time reactions and interactions with the audience.

Live shows, Events & Stunts

Ideas that use stunts, events, competitions, promotional games, pop-up events, corporate events, launch parties, live streamed events or festivals to activate the audience.

Audio & Sound

Radio Commercials

Commercials up to 240 seconds that were aired on classic or online radio.

Use of Music

Ideas that benefit from the usage of licensed or adapted recordings and specially composed music.

Innovation in Sound

Unconventional use of the Radio or Audio including songs, podcasts, fiction or real stories.


Excellence in writing for audio or radio. The judges will assess style, craft and technique.


Adverting photography

Images that use the craft of photography for advertising purposes.

Advertising Digital Art

Digitally enhanced images for advertising and communication purposes.



Fresh and innovative ideas that were brilliantly executed across different media like TV, Online, OOH, Print etc.


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