Today we speak with Tolga, a creative globetrotter that made advertising waves in Istanbul, Vienna, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, and Amsterdam.

Explain your job to your grandma in one sentence?
I solve communication problems of brands using my creativity.

What is the best advice you have been given?
There are two rules to success. 1: Never reveal everything you know.

What piece of work are you most proud of?
I am quite proud of the Unicef poster for “Education for girls. At the time it made quite a stir in the media. We really thought to pull the ad because of it. It received one of each awards and made it to the Gunn Report. That ad really made me realise that if you are up to giving your best, you could realise all your goals.

What was the last advertising idea that made you really envious?
The Burger King Whopper for 1 cent stunt with the GPS GeoFencing idea. Such a simple idea making use of technology in a way which we had never thought of. Of course, the brand behind is great too!

What brand are you most loyal to?
Well I am a big big Apple fan. But, although I am not Chinese, I also did not buy the latest iPhone Xs.

Which character from a book or movie would make a great creative director?
I thought Jack Nicholson’s character from Departed could make a good one. He is tough, but also thoughtful. If it comes to selling ideas he is fully dedicated. And very well connected in the market. Sees and understands a talent quite quickly. Although he did not find the Rat. Ok, maybe not him!

Who is the most creative person you know?
I think that would be my father. He is an extremely funny guy. Before, he was a full-time musician. Worked in Germany and Italy in bands. But that did not go so well later so he hacked himself into business. He is also a dedicated script writer. Writing one after the other while still working in his shop. The man is 70. I cannot believe him.

What is the best and worst thing about the country you come from?
Best is the food. Turkish food is so versatile, but nobody knows about it. Everyone thinks Döner is the only Turkish food. The traffic is the worst in Turkey. You can only try going home on a Friday night. One night it was snowing, and I was stuck in traffic for 5 hours. No joke. That is why people tend to make dates like “Lets meet next week?”. Cause what the hour and date will depend on traffic information.