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Lürzer's Grand Slam

General Rules

  • Lürzer's Grand Slam is a worldwide competition open to all advertising, PR and media agencies, clients, production companies, and any other companies in the field of communication and advertising.

  • Individuals who either do NOT own a company or are not part of a company cannot enter work in the competition.

  • The goal of the competition is not only rewarding the best ideas, it is also pushing the boundaries of our industry. Therefore it is mandatory for the submitted works to be commissioned and produced under the approval of a real client and aired anytime between 1 January 2019 and 29 February 2020.

  • The judging process will consist of two stages. In the first stage, Lürzer’s Archive editors will select a shortlist of entries that meet high creative standards for the competition. In the second stage, a group of the most esteemed advertising professionals will select the winners of Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

  • Lürzer’s Grand Slam is absolutely transparent about the earnings from submissions and will make them public in real time. Regardless of the number of entries, 60% of all the earnings acquired from the submissions will be awarded as prize money for the winners.

  • Silver winners will receive two times higher Prize Money than Bronze while Gold winners will receive three times higher Prize Money than Silver. All entrants that submit work to Lürzer’s Grand Slam will get a free Lürzer’s Archive subscription for one year.

  • All submissions will be made online with clear explanations of context, brief and objective. You may accompany your entry with case study videos, explanation boards or any supporting materials that will help the jury clearly understand the idea. For all non-English materials, translations must be provided.

  • Any reference, logo or mention to your agency in any submitted material is strictly forbidden. Submissions that do not comply with this rule will be disqualified.

You may find complete rules in our Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions
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