Julia Ulmer

Jung von Matt / Creative Director

Julia Ulmer (creative director) and an umbrella lover girl. Maybe thats the reason why she moved in the year 2000 from Vienna to Hamburg Germany. She fell deeply in love with advertising when she studied at Walter Lürzers Masterclass at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

With the class they flew to Japan and China and then she realised that her love needed to wait a bit for her because she had the need to touch and see the world. So she became a flight attendant for 3 years. After flying to Maui to run the Maui marathon. Holidays with 23 in Mauritius and Bali, going for a haircut in New York and a coffee in Venedig she started working at Demner, Merlicek and Bergmann, but since the year 2000 till today she has been working for Jung von Matt in Hamburg.

She is an award winning creative and has worked on big brands like MINI, ebay, IWC, Mercedes, Ligne Roset, Tui, Unicredit, Vodafone, Hamburger Philharmoniker, Nintendo, Ben & Jerry’s. Her very best work is called Valentin (or you can call it her masterpiece), her 7 year old son. Besides creative art director she is a painter/illustrator and has illustrated two books - Stimmen aus dem Aquarium and Stimmen aus dem Aquarium Silver Edition with Jean-Remy von Matt.