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Lürzer's Grand Slam

Juliana Paracencio: World Traveller. World-class Creative. Topnotch juror.

Juliana is a Brazilian creative, born in Campinas – a city that has more than 1 million inhabitants but still feels like a village in the Brazilian countryside. Because she has always been driven to explore our big blue planet, she has lived and worked in different places such as Brazil, Germany, UAE, Spain, and the UK, where she recently moved to.

Juliana is currently Global Creative Director at Ogilvy UK. Based in London, she works on the full Unilever portfolio with a particular focus on the global Dove brand.

Last year, Juliana created IKEA's most-shared campaigns of all times: the IKEA Real Life Series, which won a number of international awards. Besides IKEA, she also led clients like Renault, Carrefour and Smart, which have also been recognised and nominated internationally. As a direct result of this work, Publicis is ranked in Cannes as one of the Top 4 Most Creative Agencies in Spain.

Previously, Juliana was in the UAE, working as Regional Creative Director at Ogilvy Dubai in the Middle East and North African region, where she oversaw the work of 15 different offices from her hub in Dubai. There, she worked for global clients such as IKEA, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, Burger King, and Pfizer. Under her leadership IKEA Saudi Arabia won its first awards with the campaign IKEA It’s that affordable including 3 Gold Lions and 5 D&AD pencils in a remarkably short space of time, leading the work to be considered the 'The 5th Most-Awarded Print/OOH campaign in the world by Gunn Report 2016', and Ogilvy to win Cannes Lions Network of the Year.

The campaign stood out especially for its Craft in Design, which led Juliana to be considered as one of the most-awarded art directors in 2016, which led Ogilvy to win Cannes Lions Network of the Year. In 2017, it was no different. At Ogilvy, Juliana led IKEA Saudi Arabia to win in Cannes Lions for the second time in a row.

Most of all, she loves ideas, but after that, she loves travelling, coffee, Fridays, and anything that makes her laugh.