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Lürzer's Grand Slam

The freshest and most eco-friendly advertising award in the industry.

There are myriads of award shows in advertising, but none quite like Lürzer’s Grand Slam. While most of the festivals work on a “pay for recognition” principle, Lürzer’s Grand Slam has turned the system on its head. The best ideas will “get paid as recognition” by using 60% of all the submission fees as Prize Money to reward the winners.

This Prize Money as an award alone should make you consider submitting your ideas to the 2020 competition which will open for entries on 17th February, 2020. This is not the only thing that distinguishes Lürzer’s Grand Slam from other festivals.

Picture how many trees it takes for the thousands of printed materials necessary for judging and expos, all the carbon emissions from the hundreds of flights of attendees and jurors; we have none of that.

Therefore, we proclaim Lürzer’s Grand Slam as the eco-friendliest award show in advertising.

Lürzer’s Grand Slam aims to be a clean, fresh and prestigious award that strictly focuses on the best work and avoids all the unnecessary junk.

This year, the jury will again be spectacular, so pick the ideas you are most proud of and give them a chance to be recognised with an award like no other.

The categories are also clear and straightforward. Just 7 categories with 37 subcategories that cover all formats and media: Film, Print & Outdoor, Digital, Direct & Activation, Audio & Sound, Photography and Campaign.

If you value being different and in tune with the times, then Lürzer’s Grand Slam is a competition for you. BACK