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Lürzer's Grand Slam

What now? Juliana Paracencio

I have moved to London a month ago to start at Ogilvy. I was ready to meet all my new team and clients, and then… I had to stay home…. Actually, now after I reflected, I realise that I got to know my colleagues. Pretty well, actually. From the video calls, I can see how their house looks like, what kind of art they put on the wall, their favourite TV series, what they wear at home, what they have for breakfast, dinner, supper and midnight snack (yes, we do have some meeting at those times). I even know when they are on the bathroom (I know why you switch off video-mode, my friend, I know)…

But talking seriously, home office has its pros and cons. I believe that people tend to be more objective and more punctual when the meetings are remote. You can’t blame the traffic for coming late now… And since we miss a big chunk of the non-verbal communication, we tend to pay more attention to the content of what is communicated. Time management becomes more difficult though. I could be reading, watching Netflix, having quality time with my husband, brainstorming, having meetings, writing articles for Luerzer’s Archive at any point in time any day of the week. The society routine, that once dictated when to wake-up, sleep, work and have fun is closed temporarily. No rules. Maybe good for creativity. Terrible for my sleep.