Lürzer's Grand Slam


Title: Football Decoded

Execution: Football Decoded

Entrant: McCann London
Country: United Kingdom

Category: Live shows, Events & Stunts

Awarded: BRONZE


Rob Doubal /Co-President and Chief Creative Officer / McCann London
Laurence Thomson /Co-President and Chief Creative Officer / McCann London
Sanjiv Mistry /Executive Creative Director / McCann London
Jamie Mietz /Executive Creative Director / McCann London
Jacob Björdal /Art Director / McCann London
Jim Nilsson /Copywriter / McCann London
Robert Stockton /Account Manager / McCann London
Francois d’Espagnac, Matteo Della Venezia and Tom Oliver /Account Managers / McCann London
Sailesh Jani /Managing Partner / McCann London
Rob Smith /EVP / McCann London
Paul Gillespie /Senior Project Manager / McCann London
Claire Colohan and Rebecca Wilford /Producers / Craft/McCann
Sergio Lopez /Chief Production Officer / Craft/McCann
Karen Crum /Head of Planning / McCann London
Fanni David /Senior Planner / McCann London
Jack Goss /Planning Intern / McCann London
Omri Cohen /Director / Somesuch
Todd Martin /Director of Photography / Somesuch
Louise Gagen /Producer / Somesuch
Seth Wilson /Executive Producer / Somesuch
Reimer Eisig and Lennard van der Last /Composers / Somesuch
Chris Graves /Music Supervisor / Craft/McCann
Adam Smyth and Giselle Hall /Senior Sound Engineer and Sound Engineer / Craft/McCann
Mariona Sauret, Adam Ryzman and Francis Harris /Editors / Craft/McCann
Miriam Sasiain /Production Manager / Twentyfour Seven
Yasmina Ikimou /Production Coordinator / Twentyfour Seven
Lucas Cuevas /1st AD / Twentyfour Seven
Frodo Martinez /2nd AD / Twentyfour Seven
Ivo Van Vollenhoven /Ext. Producer / Twentyfour Seven
Bea Cañete /Producer / Twentyfour Seven
Joe Richardson /Artworker / Craft/McCann
Liam White /Print Producer / Craft/McCann
Ellis Faint /Studio Manager / Craft/McCann